Developmental Milestones

Baby development is important to every new parent. Infant milestones can be tracked against the stages of infant development on the Growth Graph Height and Weight chart. Each stage of an infant's development whether it is related to their physical size, language development, social development or educational development, can be recorded easily and clearly on the Growth Graph developmental milestone chart.

Milestones such as first intake of solid food, first tooth, first steps, first word, potty training, attending playgroup, and the first day of school can easily be recorded on your on the Growth Graph chart, using the colourful pre-printed stickers that are included. Your infant's own Height Line is the best place to record such developmental milestones, as it runs from bottom left to top right, and will end up being nearly 5 feet long. So there is plenty of space to record developmental milestones.

developmental milestone stickers being used

Click for large view of the Growth Graph Developmental Milestone Stickers

Baby/Infant developmental milestones can be recorded right through into childhood where developmental milestones such as learning to read and write are also shown on their own Growth Graph chart. How each infant develops into a child is unique and special to each individual and having a life sized Growth Graph poster to show your child is a fun and interesting way to track their development stages.

Babies develop and reach milestones at different rates and at different times. How does your baby compare to their siblings when it comes to their unique development? One may reach the milestone of speaking before the other, while the second is walking freely months before the first. All these normal developmental milestones are comfortably visible when you record them on the life-sized Growth Graph.

When your child reaches normal, yet important milestones, they are going to occur only once. You don't want to miss them reaching these vital milestones. The milestone of the first step will always only occur on that day, at that time, in that moment and you can record that particular development milestone forever on your child's Growth Graph. Then you will never forget their important milestones.

Different families around the globe will wish to record many other milestones in the life of their children. Cultural and religious milestones will be important too. You are not limited to only recording these events on the pre-printed stickers provided. A few blank stickers are also provided, or you may wish to create your own labels, or even simply write the milestone in pen directly onto the Height Line.

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