Child Growth

  • A growth graph is a great tool for recording a childs growth, health information, and developmental milestones all on the one graph!
  • With a Growth Graph recording your childs growth and development you will recognise health problems much earlier giving you the ability to act sooner in your childs best interest.
  • The graph leaves plenty of room to decorate with photos, drawings, and paintings. Let your creativity loose!

A growth chart is a fun and important tool to track your child's growth from infancy right through childhood. Your child will always been keen to see how quickly (or slowly) they grow, and how much more they have grown since last time you checked! Growth Graph Height and Weight Charts are a fantastic parenting tool designed to keep everything you need and want to know about children's growth together on one life-sized poster that fits on a bedroom door.

Places for recording children's growth used to be limited to notches on a door frame, boring Government books, or very limited vertical giraffe wall rulers. However, the Growth Graph now offers you this exciting poster that will not only track children's growth in height, but also weight, and important milestones such as potty training, walking, growing to one metre or a weight of 20 kilograms. It's the only product that has all these features! This is especially important if your child has suffered illness that has impaired their growth or development; you can set growth milestones and they can see exactly when they reach and surpass them. You can see how Growth Graph growth charts for children assist them with developmental obstacles here.

We have a very sporty family and I think the Growth Graph has been great for comparing how the kids are developing physically. The kids have mostly been using it as a showcase for all their ribbons though! It's a fantastic product, thank you!

Christine B, Kurtistown Hawaii

Growth charts for children provide important information for an entire childhood. If your child has grown rapidly in a short space of time (that you will immediate see on the childrens growth chart from Growth Graph) it will go a long way to explain common ailments such as growth pains, particularly in boys. Kids are prone to accidents and you can even mark events such as broken bones or operations on this growth graph for children creating a quick and easy way to record your child's medical history and health.

Children's Growth Charts can be ordered online from Growth Graph now and are the perfect gift.